Our work


Centre spécialisé de pédiatrie sociale

By combining community social pediatrics with the law, as well as democratizing the collective practice of music and tailored academic coaching, we provide powerful development tools.

Our impact

We note that collective practice of music and the School Access Centre have positive impacts on executive functions. We observe improvements in concentration, discipline, communication, socialization, perseverance, courage and self-esteem.

Our Tools

Social pediatrics clinic

The social pediatrics clinic is supported by healthcare and social services professionals.

of music

Each child is invited to explore a musical instrument and to be part of a group.

School Access Centre

A team of specialist educational tutors, resource teachers and speech-language pathologists work with youth ages 5 to 18 referred by the clinic who need individual professional support.

Legal Assistance Services

They educate and equip users of the centre so that they will know, value and defend their rights.

Our approach

Garage à musique (GAM) CSPC is an innovative social pediatrics centre. Its mission is to provide traditional social pediatrics services and complete musical education to children in difficulty in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood. Our objective is to introduce to the collective practice of music in order to maximize their full potential, at no cost, respecting the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our approach combines training in musical with tailored academic coaching, giving us the opportunity not only to monitor the most vulnerable children weekly or even daily, but also to provide these youth ages 2 to 20 with the essential tools that will foster the development of their cognitive and social skills. This sustained contact allows us to empower children and families to position themselves on a better life path. It’s a powerful motor of social integration.